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Worst Makeup Mistakes for Women with Acne


Sensitive and acne-prone skin is a big problem for girls who love makeup. Usually, most makeup products irritate the acne and it is hard to find products that would be neutral towards the skin.

  • Going to bed without cleaning your makeup: Maybe everyone knows it, but not everyone follows the advice! Always, always, even if you are sleeping while standing, cleanse your face before sleeping because sweat, dirt, oil and makeup all will contribute to even bigger skin problems with time or even on the next morning.

  • Pay attention to the ingredients: if you have acne-prone skin, it it better to check the ingredients of makeup products thoroughly, so look for words like oil-free or non-comedogenic. You don’t want anything to futher oil production or clogg your pores, of course!

  • Choose mineral foundations: mineral foundations are usually free of parabens, fragrances and other chemicals that cause skin iritation. They look more natural and their coverage is as good as that of liquid foundations!

  • Clean your brushes: it is vital that your clean your brushes at least once a weak since a lot of dust and dirt get stuck in them. Even if you do not use all the brushes on a dauly bases, you can still do it, so that you prevent any further irritations.

  • Stay without makeup for as long as possible: this one is an obvious piece of advice, yet not many of us think about it. Clean skin with no “paint” all over it is definitely healthier and it is better to spend as much time as possible without any foundation or powders, so that it can breathe.


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