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Worst Body Language Mistakes You Can Make In An Interview


Body language speaks a lot, no matter where or what you are doing. Many people can read its signs, even if you haven’t done something on purpose – sometimes your body moves on its own both without your approval and knowledge. Most interviews last around 10 minutes and the managers only need a few minutes of talking to see if the candidate before them is good for the position or not. If the manager comes to the conclusion that you are unhappy, timid, rude or overpowering, I doubt your interview will last long – you have already lost the position. So, let’s see a few of the most common mistakes we all do, but must avoid…

Crossing your Arms

When you cross your arms before yourself you might end up looking bored and not even one bit inquisitive towards what is happening before you. This, however, is both about the candidate and the interviewer. If the interviewer crosses his arms before his chest earlier in the game, the fact that he is bored might be the reasoning behind the said action.


Do you know what slouching or leaning over in the chair mean? That you are lazy and that you are disrespectful towards your interviewer. If you want to get a job try your best to look like it, even if you might not find pleasure in it. This is actually worse than crossing your arms, so much worse on a whole new level.

Leaning too far forward

Leaning in to the table is not bad, it shows the person before you that you are quite interested in what he or she is saying. Trying to get closer to them is a good body language sign. However, there is another unwritten rule – be careful and don’t push it too much. Just a slight lean forward is enough. If you get closer than needed it might look like a sign of aggression. Also, even if you have leaned into to the table, try to not stay in the same position for long, due to the fact that you will give them the wrong impression – you may come off as overbearing.

Avoiding Eye Contact

This! Yes, darling, I understand that some people physically cannot look into someone’s eyes, maybe only for a few seconds. But you must try. If you can’t look directly in their eyes, focus on a point near them – the nose, the eyebrows, anywhere near. It is almost undetectable. You must know, however, that making solid eye contact with the interviewer is one of the keys to the door of prosperity.

Too Intense

An intense look for a few seconds at a specific moment might be acceptable, but you have to remember doing some things in the process. Blink. Don’t make the person before you uncomfortable, it does not matter on which side of the table you are. Just breath and try to shove away your nervousness. Smile and look away if it’s necessary.


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