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Wonderful Creative Knit Lamp


Beautiful home decor is what make a house a real home. Cozy, beautifully aranged space always makes us feel happier, especially if we have creates some of the decorations with our own hands.

This tutorial aims at teaching you how to make your own lap, using knit patches. It is simply beautiful and I don`t think anyone could argue this.

Dye some white patches in different blue shades, Let them dry and inflate a balloon. Put it in a bow to make it more convenient for you and glue the patches to form a lap, as shown on the picture. Use hair spray to fix that even better and leave it for 24 hours.

When it is completely dry, simply pop the balloon and you`ll end up with an awesome lap for your home. Just ask your boyfriend to do the technical part, if you are not sure how to do it alone. If you look into our gallery you`ll find many other awesome home décor ideas, which will inspire you!




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