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Winter Care For Our Feet


This time of the year when we wear closed shoes has come and we often think that because people can’t see our feet, it’s all right to leave out toenails and heels unkept. I advice you to spend only 10 minutes a day to take care of your feet and you’ll easily keep them in great condition for the warmer months. This way not only your feet will feel good, but you, too!

You have no idea what your feet go through in the colder months! They spend all day trapped in thick socks, they sweat, sometimes they shoes are just too tight and they get hurt. After a long day in these conditions, you can’t be surprised when your feet hurt and are swollen. But all this is easily repairable!

In the morning, after you’ve taken a shower, use foot cream or spray your feet with foot spray to make them feel fresh and clean. At least once a week scrub your heels to remove the dead skin. To do this use a foot file and exfoliating cream. File gently because you will hurt your feet and they can get worse.

Once a week soak your feet in warm water and add some ether oils to it. This will help you relax, take the pressure off and will ease your feet if they hurt a lot. Your skin will become ery soft so after that it’s the best time to do your nails. Gently massage your feet and put on a pair of cotton socks at the ends so the oils can soak in your skin.

Except for pedicure, you can take special care of your nails. If they break and start getting yellow, rub them with almond oil. It will remove the yellowness and make you nails a lot harder and thicker.

If you take regular care of your feet you will see how after a long day at work your feet won’t hurt and you’ll feel much more relaxed. Your feet will look amazing and you won’t have to worry that your heels and nails aren’t ready if you have to wear open shoes. Now go buy some exfoliating cream and pamper your feet!



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