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Wicked 1920s Vintage Eye Tutorial


Back to 1920’s Glam!


The 1920’s gave us some beautiful, sophisticated looks which inspired us to share this marvelous make up tutorial with you!


What you will need:


Red lipstick

Dark brown eye liner kohl

Gold eye liner kohl

Dark brown eye shadow

Silver shimmer eye shadow

Eye shadow applicator brush

Lipstick applicator brush

Black mascara


Step 1:

Apply lipstick with an applicator brush to your lips


Step 2:

Take the dark brown eye liner kohl and draw in the crease of the eye lid


Step 3:

Apply the dark brown eye shadow to the entire eye lid


Step 4:

Use the eye shadow applicator brush to make a line under the eye water line mark


Step 5:

Add your dark brown eye liner as normal


Step 6:

Add the gold eye liner gold to the V section


Step 7:

Use finger to apply silver eye shadow to the entire eye lid


Step 8:

Add mascara


Welcome back to the 20’s!



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