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Why NOT to Wear Makeup


The summer hotness is not the best friend of our stunning look. After a few hours (or sometimes a couple of minutes) under the sunlight our makeup is ruined, out hairstyle is different and our bodies are sweating – everything is changing. After all it doesn’t matter how much effort we put on the hairstyle or the makeup or the perfect choice of outfit.

Even though you want to put on makeup, sometimes is better not to do it. Here is why:

The only escape from the hotness is to rinse your face with cold fresh water. This act is so refreshing that for a second you forget about the nasty sweat all over your body. But you won’t be able to feel that pleasure if you are wearing a thick layer of makeup on your face. If you stay natural and forget about the makeup for a couple of weeks you won’t worry about the look of your makeup – is it fading away or staying on lumps.

And what if something really emotional happens. You will be able to cry out without becoming into wet panda.

Your boyfriends will be more than happy if you don’t wear makeup all the time. He would touch you, kiss you, enjoy you more often than he did before. His clothes will be free of lipstick and his tender gestures will be more confident and you’ll enjoy all that, I’m sure!

The makeup is a way to flatter your best features and to hide your worst. But when the sun comes up, and the happy days are leaving a trace in your memory you won’t think about the makeup you are wearing or whether your mascara is waterproof. You’ll remember only the good stuff – the laugh, the waterbaloon fight and so many great summer activities. Which often includes water. And if you are wearing makeup you’ll stop yourself from having fun with your friends. Just enjoy the summer!

My advice is to wear makeup only when there is a special occasion or when your skin needs it. Just don’t overdo it. Find the balance and your skin will be thankful, your boyfriend will be too. Enjoy your makeup-free week. I dare you!


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