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Why Men Run From Responsibility?


  Men and women are completely different and often both men and women are put in tough situation when trying to understand something a person from the opposite sex had done. One of the most asked questions from women all over the world is: “Why men run from responsibility?”.

Unfortunately, there isn’t only one answer to the question. If you have started a relationship with a man that can’t live without cheating on you, then he is still living in his teenager past and it’s better not to attach to him at all. If he’s a grown-up, running from serious responsibility is something completely different. To a man the question whether to commit or not stands first. If he does it, he takes responsibility not only for his partner, but for the relationship, too. Unfortunately, here comes the fear of commitment. It often is a result of mainly two reasons – fear of rejection and complete terror of seious relationships.

Men, like women, feel the need to love and be loved even if sometimes they try to hide it. Also, they prefer to have a serious relationship and to take responsibility in life which clashes with their true nature and their need to be free. Losing their freedom to party, flirt and go out with their friend sounds terrifying and because of that at some point the woman starts to look like the enemy. They start to feel like they’re in prison and are bound to complete their new tasks. In that moment, their instinct of self-preservation is set into motion and this makes them run from responsibility. Losing their personal space and freedom is so terrifying that sometimes they are ready to leave the love of their lives because sometimes that fear gets the better of love.

This, is some cases, leads to fear of rejection in women. The more he is running from a serious relationship, the more she fears being left and tries to keep him next to her. And this way the man is struggling more and more to preserve his freedom. This is an extremely wrong move which has led to many breakups. The only thing a woman can do is to put up with the fact that the man loves her, but he loves his freedom, too. She has to give him his space and to stop wanting all his attention. When he start to run from responsibility it’s better to stop talking about future plans.

And last but not least, your happiness is in the hands of both of you, not only in his. Don’t adjust to him – this period will end soon and he will overcome his fear if you have a little more patience.





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