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Why Men Like Long Hair So Much?


  We all know the saying that men love long, silky hair, but we really don’t know why! We tried to find out why men are so into the Rapunzel look and here’s what we learned!

  As you know, health and beauty walk hand in hand and a person who doesn’t take care of himself is seen as unattractive and unpleasant. And often the appearance is an indicator for our health – this is especially true for beautiful girls. The absolute healthy woman look like this: thin body, long and thick hair, nice teeth and manicure, clean skin, good mood and balanced temper. By the way, this is how the perfect woman according to men looks like. Things like lips like Anjelina Jolie’s or boobs like Pamela Anderson’s aren’t that important for all men, but long hair – well, that’s something completely different!

  Why men love long hair so much? As I said, long hair is often related to good health. When a man meets a woman and starts dating her, he pictures her as the mother of his children, even if it’s subconsciously. But ony a healthy woman can give birth to a healthy offspring, which automatically makes her a beautiful woman in the man’s eyes! And long, skiny, silky hair – this is the first sign that the woman is absolutely healthy! In the end, in the man’s subconsciousness this type of beauty is a guarantee that this woman can continue the family line.

  By the way there is a theory that boys like girls with long hair because on a more “primitive” level they think that is it’s cold and the woman’s hair is long enough, she can wrap the baby with it and protect if from the cold. And no matter how funny it sound (and looks it you imagine it), you shouldn’t forget that men are more primitive than women and often consider things on a more “basic” level. And, of course, you can trust this theory only if you believe that when have evolved from the Neanderthal man!

  Another reason men love long hair is the fact that silky, smooth hair if very nice to touch. Men like the feeling when they touch soft hair and that’s why your boyfriend often plays with your hair if you are in the “long hair” team!

  Of course, don’t think that men see women with short hair as unattractive. Here comes the most important criteria – well-kept. If you have short, but healthy hair that’s untangled and soft, you will look many times more beautiful than if you have long, but dull and messy hair. That’s why a woman should always have one thing in place and that’s her hair!



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