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Why Do Men and Women Cheat?


Cheating has become so 21st century, that it’s actually looked at as something normal. Well, maybe it is? Or maybe not.

Throughout the years we have all read articles that cheating is common for children of cheaters, for those who fake orgasms, for the insecure people, there have even been statements that men with deep voices are bound to be cheaters. Where do we go with this logic? Everyone cheats, right? Because everyone of us has felt insecure, or has been narcissistic, etc.

However, cheating has a few variations. We have the emotional and physical cheating. At first you might think that the physical cheating if, naturally, the worst. However, further results show us that women find the emotional cheating more disturbing, unlike men, who are on the opposite side of the coin.

So, the first thing we’ll check out is who is more likely to cheat:

  • Narcissists
  • Men with deeper voices
  • Children of cheaters
  • People who have the “cheating gene
  • Men who have large testicles
  • Women with husbands who have large penises
  • People who are insecure about the s.o.
  • People who fake orgasms

So, yeah. As I said, everyone is bound to be a cheater. So, as I said before, we have two types of cheating – emotional and sexual. Women find the emotional cheating worse, like sending a flirty text or talking about deeper and intimate topics with someone else.

Meanwhile, men would rather ignore a flirt, but will definitely take into consideration a passionate kiss, and even more.

Another fact is that there is a lot of cheating going on online. There is actually a scale about the cities with the largest percentage of cheaters in the USA.

  1. DC
  2. Houston
  3. Miami
  4. Pittsburgh
  5. Los Angeles

Along with these towns, Oklahoma, New York, Chicago and Boston are also in the “Top 10 cities”. And did you know that there is actually a calculated day and time of when the cheating is the “most popular”? The day is Wednesday, the time is in the afternoon.

Of course, everyone has a reason to cheat. Even if it’s just an explanation, everybody has a reason which they even tell themselves. The most frequent reasons are:

  • Being in a sexless marriage
  • Trying to “spice things up”
  • Reaffirming desirability
  • Wishing for more sex

Nevertheless, exactly the men and women who cheat are rating their marriage as either happy or very happy, which does sound strange. This is, however, a problem. It’s something that should be discussed with your partner. Coming clean is the first step. Afterwards forgiveness might take some time, but it’s a necessity if you still feel attracted and attached to your significant other.

After talking about it, searching for a compromising decision is the best way to go through such a thing. Some people decide to make their relationship open, which means they can go out and “have fun” with others as well. Other couples decide to go on dates frequently and to spice up the things between them.

And last, but not least, it’s a common fact that cheaters are more likely to forgive other cheaters. Handling such a situation would be very easy if both sides have done something wrong and are willing to improve and stabilize their relationship.


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