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Which shoes which clothes suit best


Style of dress formed the original idea for the specified person. It is important how you dress and how you combine colors not only in clothing, but also how you combine clothes and shoes.

The classic style is always in fashion, is characterized by conservatism and rigor. Patterns are elegant, the colors are black, white and neutral tones for this style clothes suitable high heels. In the summer, wear open shoes to high heels, but always with fine pantyhose.

Business style is current for the ladies who work at a desk. Formal suit with skirt or trousers of the same color, combined with a light blouse, admitted wearing mostly closed shoes – low or high heels, depending on the preference of the lady. Here are eligible both bright and dark colors of the shoes.

The romantic style of dress is suitable for feminine creatures. It has been characteristic translucent fabrics, large necklines, lace and all the details that emphasize femininity. With such clothes to wear shoes of high or low heels that were playful, with bright colors, whether they are closed or sandals.

Sneakers and sports shoes, of course, should be combined with sportswear. It is permissible to combine the romantic style of dress with sports shoes.

High boots that are as relevant and this winter, wear with tights in the same color. Not recommended to wear flesh-colored tights, as the initial impression is that you’re the boss.

Permissible combination of contrasting color of boots and tights. If your outfit is elegant but simple, pair it with boots that are interesting details that serve as decoration.

Boots combine well with tight skirts, short flared skirts, and tunics, dresses and tights. Not combine well with boots business skirt.


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