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Which is the star with the most beautiful shoes?


New survey was intended to determine the preferences of women and their habits when buying shoes.
When asked how many pairs of shoes have currently, 43 percent of respondents said between 10 and 50 pairs, 25% reported having between 5 and 10 pairs and 15% admitted that they had already lost count.

57% of participants in the survey admitted that in the past have bought shoes, after seeing pictures of the celebrity who appeared with them.
When asked whether they would prefer to buy from stores street fashion or designer shoes, 75% of respondents selected street fashion, and only 17% admitted that they prefer to spend on designer shoes.

** The top ten celebrity with the most beautiful shoes fall more singer Jennifer Lopez, the Duchess of Cambridge, singer Gwen Stefani, Fashion Model Kelly Brook, her colleague Miranda Kerr, singer Taylor Swift and actress Emma Watson.
Victoria Beckham is known for her passion for glamorous high heels and rarely appeared in public without a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes on her feet. It was even said that they can concentrate on flat shoes. It is therefore not surprising that Victoria was declared the star with the most beautiful shoes. Left behind with little singer Rita Ora and actress Sarah Jessica Parker.


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