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Where’s Your Lipstick?


We all love the “Did you know … ?” facts. Today we will talk about lips and lipsticks. That’s a women’s favorite theme. But there are other some interesting facts about lips and lipsticks that we don’t know and I’ll be happy to show them just for you. Take a look and prepare to be amazed:

Did you know that your lips are one of the most sensitive areas in your body? The receptor cells for touch are located all over the body, in your skin, but there are places where they are more concentrated and your sense of touch is higher in such places. The lips have many of those touch receptor cells. But that’s not the reason why they are Number 1 on the list of the Most sensitive body parts. In fact, it’s all about the brain (it’s not a surprise). The areas of the brain that receive messages from touch receptors in the lips and hands are much larger than the areas that receive messages from other body parts. Now you see where the twist is.

Did you know that 40% of women wish they had softer lips? Many women wish, in fact, for perfection and often to reach this perfection you have to have your lips soft and kissable. Soft lips are like perfect, fabric canvas. You can apply lipstick and lip gloss without any concern about any cuticles or imperfection. So, that fact is not so amazing for me, and for you?

Did you know that Guerlain invented the first lipstick in a tube in 1870? It’s called “Forget Me Not”, but pronounced in french it sounds really sassy and chic. Guerlain is a French cosmetic company, which produces mostly perfumes. The very first idea for packaging the lipstick in a tube comes from this French company. They use silk paper for this. After that the lipstick was sold in paper tubes, tinted papers or in small pots. In 1915 came the cylinder metal container, invented by Maurice Levy. Now you know the long history of that little tube in your purse.

Did you know that the places where people buy the most lipsticks are Miami, Portland and Atlanta?

Did you know that there has been a 50% increase in “nude lipstick” searches on Amazon this month? I give that to the Fall season and fashion trends. The “nude” trend is here to stay. When you search for some Fall trends you’ll find out that the “nude” lips and the “nude” makeup is out there. So, it’s fully understandable to see results like this in the Amazon searches.

Respect your lipstick, it’s old! Enjoy it every season when the Fashion Titans come up with new ideas, new trends and new formulas. Be happy and Muah!


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