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Where to Go in October


The summer is almost over, so wake that guy from Green Day up, as September ends and let`s see where you should go in October.

You`ve got many options – explore your own city and find places you never know they exist, go get a guidebook and visit some tourist destinations near you … or head up for a w world trip, visiting exotic countries far, far away. Our team compiles a brief review of the most attractive destinations of this time of the year around the world, so have a look.


If you live in Europe, most European countries may not seem exotic to you, but in every country there is something worth seeing or experiencing. In October we recommend the Mediterranean, as the weather is still sunny and warm. If you ever wanted to visit Italy – it is the perfect time to do so. Spain and Greece are also worth it – but e careful – these countries are magical and you`ll feel as if the time has stopped in there. Visit those lovely places in October, when all the tourists are already gone – you`ll see how charming and lovely these places could be.


Actually the tourist season is just starting right now, so if you love crowds, noise and many, many people around you – time to plan your trip to India for example. Think about Nepal or Katmandu, too. The unpleasant monsoon season is almost over, so you`ll be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest. The south of China is also a very good destination.


Well, having in mind the latest news about the Ebola virus, we don`t recommend going to Africa at all. However, if you are an adventure-lover, always living on the edge, then go for it. We recommend Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco – amazing places with great history and unique culture.


If you want nice weather at this time, visit Georgia and Atalanta or Dallas, in Texas – the climate is ideal at this time of the year. If you miss the summer – Phoenix, Arizona is your place. We will not mention Florida and California at all – these are the destinations you should visit at least once in a lifetime.

In South America, Brazil is a good idea, unless you are from Germany, of course. Consider Argentina, too, but keep in mind the weather is hot and dry in October, so not everyone`s cup of tea.


Besides the countries we recommend, we`d like to give you a friendly tip and let you know which are the places, which you should avoid. Thailand for example is not a good destination right now, because of the typhoon season , which can be quite violent. South Pacific countries such as Fiji, New Guinea and north of Australia are not very good places during this time of the year. Be careful with The gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, because of the hurricane season.

To sum up – just make an extensive research about everything related to the countries you are just about to visit. This could save you lots of trouble!



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