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When Is The Right Time To Say “I Love You”?


There’s a time in the relationship when both people start asking themselves “When is right time to say I love you?“. The answer may be just one – whenever you feel ready to say it and whenever you truly feel this for your significant other. But is there something like “too early”?

Timing when saying “I love you” is everything! If you say it too early, you feel look like you’re desperate or you’re like the “overly attached girlfriend” that’s so popular on the Internet. At the same time, if you say it too late you are most likely to miss the moment which will take your relationship to the next level. You need to be sure you speak the same language – if you think your partner will overreact and think about far more serious commitment than just being boyfriend/ girlfriend, it’s better that you explain to him that you are comfortable with your relationship and you don’t want to get extremely serious (like weddings and stuff). That goes for you, too – if your boyfriend tells you he loves you, don’t start thinking about marriage and kids and wait for him to tell you how he feels before panicking!

Be sure that you really feel it. You can’t just love somebody after 3 dates like we used to say when we were little. Give your relationship some time, get to know the person and then start thinking about how to tell him and what exactly to say. That’s why you have to wait for the perfect moment when you are just bursting of love to that person – it’s better to wait a couple of days, than to say it without thinking it and basically lie to your bf.

It’s always better to show the love rather than saying it. A person would know you love him when you prepare breakfast for him in the morning, leave him little love notes in places where he can see them (like in their coat or laptop bag) and other little gestures that show how much your care. Because, if we have to be real, often people say “I love you” because they feel it’s time according to the common sense and not their hearts. And, how really would you be able to love someone you met 2-3 months ago? Show your significant other how you feel and if he’s on the same wave, you may even skip the whole “declaration of love” part and move on to the next step.

Last, but not least, a very important advice all girls should know – don’t ask him if he loves you. That’s the oldest trick in the book and girls often use it when they aren’t sure what their boyfriend feels for them. When you ask a person such question, he starts to feel so uncomfortable that there isn’t nothing else he can say than “I love you, too”. Give your boyfriend some space and he will say it to you whenever he is ready.


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