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When Clothes Make Us Look Fat?


Clothes have to make us look beautiful no matter which size we are. But sometimes when we choose clothes, we can unintentionally make ourselves look 1 or 2 sizes more than we are. How do we do it and how can we stop making mistakes?

Wearing clothes, meant for men

Men clothing can look stunning on a woman but only when they are sewed for a woman’s figure. If you start wearing your boyfriend’s clothes you will soon understand that they completely change the shape of your body and don’t look really flattering even though they are very comfy. You will visually lose your butt, breasts and hip and your body will look like a rectangular (which isn’t very nice, right?)

Wearing bad quaility clothes

When wearing bad quaility clothes, even if they are your size, they tend to get ratty really quickly and make you fatter and untidy. If you have to, invest in one or two statement pieces like a good blazer or a good quaility sweater and be careful from where you get your clothes – even in some expensive looking clothing stores there are bad quality pieces!

Wearing tight clothes that don’t fit

That’s the worst! When you wear clothes that are really tight and don’t fit you, you look fat because you tried to put on clothes that are 2 or more sizes smaller and that just isn’t working. To prevent this, just try on the clothes before you buy them and don’t be fooled by what the shop-assistant tells you – tight is not trendy!

Wearing bustiers

The idea of wearing bustiers is to enhance the bust and to create more cleavage. But when you wear bustiers that are a lot smaller than your actual size, the effect is not making you sexy, but making you look fat and unflattering. If you really have to wear a bustier, be very careful when choosing the right size for your body.

Wearing baggy clothes

There’s a big difference between oversized and baggy clothes. Oversized clothes are meant to be big and can be styled quite nicely with a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots. Baggy clothes make you lose your shape and often make you look fat and rectangular. The solution: just stop wearing baggy clothes!



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