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What’s Your Undertone?


I bet that you’ve read at the packages of the foundations that they are recommended for one of three undertone types – cool, neutral or warm. Choosing the right undertone will make your skin look perfect and natural, without any guess that you are wearing makeup. But how to find out what is your undertone and according to it, which colors compliment your skin tone? It’s all about the veins. According to the color of your blood veins, which you can see at the inner side of your wrists, you can choose the perfect makeup covering product for your skin, without any worry about the match between your skin complexion and the foundation or jewelry you are wearing.

It’s important to look at your veins in natural sunlight.

Blue or purple veins. Your skin has pink, red or blue tinge. That is the cool undertone. That means that silver jewelry flatter your skin more than the golden ones. When you look at your skin in the sun, it appears blue-ish.

Blue-green veins. Your undertone is neutral, it’s universal and both silver and gold jewelry flatter your skin. When you look at it in the sun it will appear greenish.

Green or olive veins. Your skin has yellow, gold or peach tinge. It’s the warm one. Your skin prefers golden than silver jewelry and when you look at it in the sun it appears yellowish.


If you are still not sure about what your undertone is, there are several other ways to find out. You can look at your natural eye and hair colors. Typically, people with eyes that are blue, gray or green and have blond, brown or black hair are cool people with blue, silver, violet and ash undertones. The warm people are tend to have amber, hazel, brown or black eyes and strawberry blond, red, brown or black hair. These people have gold, red, orange or yellow undertones.

Another way to determinate your skin undertone is to put on a white clothing around your neck and shoulders, such as white T-shirt or towel, pull your hair back into a ponytail and check your skin color in natural sunlight. If your skin looks blue or pink you have cool skin and if it looks yellow or peachy to you, you have warm skin. And if your skin looks greenish you have neutral skin.


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