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What You Need To Know About Layers


Layers are the one thing every woman should have in her hair – they create texture, volume, make the hair more flowy and flirty. They are perfect for people with thin hair because of the volume they add and in the morning you don‘t need to spend that much time on your locks because the layers do everything for you!

Here is what you should know about getting and having layers. Even if you love the way your hair looks, think about changing it a bit with some texture – you will be amazed how big the difference will be!

First, you can add layers to every haircut, no matter the length. You can add them on short hair and make it bolder, or to a longer haircut that needs some life in it. The length of the layers themselves also can vary – you can add different layers to your hair and experiment with your style – don‘t forget that‘s hair and it grows!

Layers are a timeless hairstyle and that‘s why many of the Hollywood celebrities choose it for their style – Jennifer Aniston, Lucy Hale, Sarah Jessica Parker and just some of them. The best hairstyle for layers is the curly one – no matter if the curls are big and defined, or beachy and effortless, this is the hairstyle that shows off the most of your layers and your hair.

When thinking about giving volume to your hair using layers, you should first talk with a stylist and tell him how you want your hair to look. It‘s best if you show some pictures of the style you want to go with because when it comes to layers, they can be so different from one another that you can get something completely different from what you really want if you don‘t show or explain to your stylist exactly what you want.

Straight hair without layers isn‘t trendy anymore, so more and more people go for layers. Although sleek and smooth straight hair looks very stylish and elegant, women want volume and texture in their hair and that‘s why they constantly search for a way to make it bouncy and trendy.



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