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What Women Love, Men Hate It


For women the look is very important. The perfect shoes and clothes, also makeup and accessories are causing high self-esteem. But sometimes what women love, men just hate it. Check out what I mean:

Big hats

We adore them, but in man eyes they looks like barrier between his and her lips.


Fake nails

Women feel way more feminine with long beautiful nail, but sometimes the men see them like scary, unnatural claws.


Glossy lipstick

It gets a little messy sometimes, admit it.


Heavy smokey makeup

This makeup style is perfect for clubbing, but men are eager to imagine clowns or ladies of the night.


High waist clothes (especially pants or skirts)

Men are feeling like they are dating their grandma. But we love them, that’s a bit of a problem.


Volumized hair

Girls are teasing their hair in order to feel more stylish and hide the thin hair they have, but what about the boys. For them this hairsyle is too messy and it’s not easy to run through the girls hair with fingers while you are kissing her.


Dark eyebrows

This style is very popular trend. While the women think they look great, the men are defining this style as clownish and too intensive.



Peplum tops

For men it looks like we are wearing cloth for pregnant woman, even if we are skinny.



High Heels

Some girls becomes too high while wearing the high heels and that doesn’t work for the boys who like them. Also they can’t understand why we wear those shoes when we have so much pain in the feet.




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