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What to Start and What to Stop Doing in Your Beauty Routine



    Experiment and be interested in what there is to know about beauty! The most frequent mistake women make is that they get into a rut and sometimes what they are doing may not even be the right thing for their skin or face. Makeup is not something permanent, so try out new looks and you might find something that makes you look a lot better! Also, do your research and experiment with products. Talk to professionals (makeup artists, cosmeticians, etc.) who can give you good advice!

    Wash your makeup brushes at least one a week. There are so many skin problems that can appear because of dirty brushes that you don’t even want to know.

    Pay attention to your brows. If you find the right shape and learn to define them with powder, pencil, brow gels or a combination of products, you might completely change your look in a positive direction.

    Exfoliate! You can use a Clarisonic brush, a scrub or a peel. Dead skin cells must be removed and pores clogging should be prevented, and this is the way to do it!

    Incorporate an SPF into your moisturizer or primer. There are so many products out there that have an SPF of over 20 (which is an absolute minimum for your face), so just go to the store and find the one that suits your skin type


    Don’t line your bottom lash line too much. It places too much emphasis on your lower lash line and drags your eye dow, making your eyes look smaller.

    Your blush should not be too low, below your nose since it visually drags your cheeks down, making the whole appearance of your face look worse.

    Stop lining the outside of your lips with lip liner, especially after lipstick. It is better if you outline your lip shape and fill the lips in entirely before applying lipstick.

    Don’t use bronzer all over the face to give yourself a fake tan. It is better use a brush to lightly dust some color on the high points of your face.

    Using one eyeshadow brush for everything you do regarding your eyelids is a mistake. You need a fluffy crease brush and a flat shader brush at a minimum. Wash them frequently, so the colors don’t mix and carefully follow instructions in makeup tutorials on which tools do use and when.


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