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What to Eat When You Visit These 10 Countries


Every country has its own traditional meal. And if you know exactly which is the traditional meal of these 10 countries, you will be prepared with knowledge and the locals will accept you as their own when you order without a hesitate the countries traditional meal. Check them out and make a list, especially if you are attending to visit one of these places:


There are no certain scientific facts of the origin of the hamburger, but it is a true fact that this famous dish is the most popular in USA. The main rule is that you have to put some kind of meat between two pieces of bread and garnish it with chips, sauces and vegetables. But almost every region has its own traditional recipe for the hamburger. So, in order to find the best hamburger you will have to travel a lot and eat a lot until you make a final decision for your Top 3 Hamburgers in USA.


The national dish of Jamaica is the Ackee and Saltfish. In fact, this dish origins as slave food, but the Jamaicans have no concerns about this fact and they reclaimed it as part of their national dish. This meal is actually extremely healthy, because all it contains is fish, the Caribbean fruit ackee and vegetables (peppers, onion, tomato and garlic). And it is cooked with an olive oil. It sounds very delicious and interesting. I definitely should try the recipe at home


Coo-Coo and Flying fish is the national food of Barbados. The coo-coo itself must be prepared. You will need okra, pepper, hot sauce, butter and cornmeal. And the flying fish must be cooked in butter with vegetables and spices like curry, mustard and herbs. For fish eaters, like me, it sounds really tasty and full of different flavors and ingredients. I am curious about the final result.


Here you will be able to taste a delicious beef, which is sliced into thin pieces and then spiced with a rich mixture of onions and garlic, even wine and some other ingredients. Then the marinated beef is grilled. The name of this dish is Bulgogi and it’s the national meal of Korea.


These countries share one dish as national food for both of them – Kibbeh. In fact, it’s not a main course, it is an appetizer, which includes ground lamb, bulgur and seasonings.


The national dish of Hungary is the Goulash. Again the main ingredient is beef, which is cooked and served with vegetables and herbs.


Minced meat is what the Austrians eat and more specifically, their national dish is Wiener Schnitzel. The most common garnish for the Schnitzel is potato salad.


They are all delicate and the name of the France national dish sounds really delicate – Pot-au-Feu, which means “pot in the fire”. The steak is stewed the vegetables are rooted and the spices are flattering the whole picture.


I’m sure that when you read the national dish of England, in your head you will speak it with an English accent – Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding.


Irish Stew is the name of the national dish of Ireland. Here the meat is mutton and the vegetables are traditional – onions, potatoes and parsley. The modern recipe might have changed the vegetables a little bit, sometimes the garnish includes carrots.

Now you know what you must taste when you visit some of these countries. Enjoy and bon appetite!



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