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What The Worlds 5 Richest Can Buy


You know that sports car youve always dreamed of?

And the secret island you’ve always wished to own and live on?

Well these guys bought them all (sighhhhh!!)

We take a look at what the 5 richest people in the world could buy….

Larry Ellison

Number. 5

Larry Ellison

Worth: 48 Billion Dollars

He actually owns up to 98% Lanai Island in Hawaii!


Number. 4

Warren Buffett

Worth: 58.2 Billion Dollars

If he put his money in a savings account at only 0.06% interest, he would make enough money to buy 8 top of the range sports cars, A YEAR!!

amanico ortega

Number. 3

Amancio Ortega

Worth: 64 Billion Dollars

With what he makes in one year (approx. 7 billion dollars) he could buy the Yankee’s…. Twice!!

carlos slimm

Number. 2

Carlos Slim Helu

Worth: 72 Billion Dollars

He makes around 3 million dollars per day! Which would take us around 476 years on minimum wage to get!

Number. 1

Bill Gates

Worth: 76 Billion Dollars

But…. He donated 28 Billion Dollars to charity so that makes it a bit better!


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