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What Shoes to Wear with a Gold Dress


Not many women are daring enough to put on a chrome, silver, or gold outfit or dress. The key is to combine it with the right pair of shoes and accessories. A gold dress combines well with black pumps and a black bangle decorated with Swarovski crystals and gold-plated metal studs. You can buy a pair of pumps by Christian Louboutin, featuring signature leather insoles, back zips, and ruffled insteps. Choose a handcrafted piece with slip-on styling. Another option is to match your gold dress with pumps, earrings, and a purse in maroon. You can get a pair of turquoise teardrop earrings from quartz and a stylish angular clutch.

Gold outfits and dresses aren’t easy to accessorize. They are sophisticated and stylish, but a purse or shoes in the wrong color may overshadow the dress. You can combine gold shoes with a gold dress. If you add a gold purse and accessories, however, your look will give off too much sparkle. Choose a duller, softer gold for your shoes or you may downplay your outfit. If you want to bring out a gold outfit, opt for colors such as cream, tan, and shades of brown.


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