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What Not To Do For a Man


To be in perfect harmony with yourself there are specific things that you should never do for a man. In a relationship, sometimes it’s necessary to make one or two compromises, but there are things that you should never put up with.

Love is strong feeling and sometimes has the power to ruin lives. Someone can drive you crazy out of love or make you forget who you really are. In that case, try not to swim deeply in the love ocean. From time to time, try to think with your brain, not with your heart, because often Love is Blind. You should know where the line between unhealthy compromise and your personality is. Don’t loose yourself in the name of a man, because eventually there is a chance to get hurt or to regret this behavior your whole life. There is something else – if a man truly loves you he will never want from you to forget about your character and understandings. So, in a healthy relationship you MUST never cost these things:

Never give up your dreams

If you’ve always wanted a particular carrier and your boyfriend doesn’t appreciate your choice, don’t let him impact on your decision. You don’t have to choose between a job or a man. If there is love and respect between you two there will always be a way to fulfil these dreams and desires.

Don’t sacrifice your morals

Sometimes your understandings could be a little bit different than his. But doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice yours in the name of his morals. If he is trying to change your opinion of what is good or bad, maybe he is not the one for you.

Don’t change your look

If you like yourself the way you are, don’t you dare to change anything just because he likes it that way. If he loves you truly, he will love you just the way you are. Otherwise, there will be a time when you’ll look in the mirror and say: “Who is that woman over there?”

Don’t forget your friends

I’ve heard that a new love costs you 7 friends. There is a logic in it. You won’t have enough time both for your friends and for your boyfriend. But try to keep the balance and never forget about your friends, because man come and go, but friends are here forever.

Be yourself

If you try to change something about you for him you’re going to make a huge mistake. Don’t act like a different person, he’ll get used to it and after your show your true personality maybe you won’t match. Be honest.

Don’t starve because of him

There is nothing wrong is you want to start a diet or sport, but do it only because of you. No man deserves your misery or lack of health.

Be your own boss

Don’t let him control your life. You are in a serious relationship, but that doesn’t mean that you should forget to take control over your decisions, way of life and personality. You can ask him for an advice, but after all the decisions should be taken by you.

Remember that a relationship is made by two people. Stand your ground and be the one of these two people. Don’t let the things just happen!


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