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What Makes Us Look Older


Sometimes we look younger or older than we actually are and the reasons for that is the hairstyle we have, the clothes we are wearing or just the way we act. Check out what makes us look older:


When you’re having a second thought about having a haircut be sure that you will ask your hair stylist about an opinion and advice. The hair stylists are professionals and they have enough experience to be capable of an adequate opinion about the haircuts that makes us look old or not so attractive. Here are the basic mistakes, which we are making unwillingly. Take a look:

The change. There are women, which are having trouble when it comes to the hair change. I’m talking both for color change and haircut change. That mistake is a tricky one. If you are changing your haircut every month you are showing a childish personality, but on the other side, if you DON’T change your hairstyle and stay with the same one for a long, long time is not a good choice either. The fashion trends about the hairstyles and haircuts is changing like everything else in the fashion world. If your hairstyle were modern 3 years ago, there is a huge chance that today it’s not so appropriate. So, old-fashioned hairstyle will definitely make you look older than you really are. My advice is to make some changes about your hairstyle, like length, color, shape, at least once a year.

The color. When you are younger the dark tones of the hair looks perfect on you, but as the skin is loosing it’s nice and healthy-looking skin color through the years, the darker tones will not play a flattering role about your young look. If you dye your hair in some dark color and you feel that you are looking older just soften the color by adding some on-two shades brighter color in several strands of the hair or make it an Ombre or Sombre (the smoother type of the Ombre) hair color style. On the other hand the pale Blond, almost white or metallic, is not a great idea either. Just go for the golden tones. After all, it’s highly important to match the color of the hair with the color of your skin complexion.

The shape. The perfect straight and organized hair is not the perfect hairstyle for a younger look. Give your hair volume by making some layers. Ask your hair stylist about the length of the layers and the shape of the hair. After all, if your hair is healthy, that’s the best way to flatter your age and look.


If you are trying to hide an imperfection of your body and if your attempt of hiding is wrong, you are going to have trouble with your amazing look. When you put on a shapeless blazer in order to hide hips, stomach and arms underneath it, actually you are making yourself look even bigger than you are. Try to find the jacket that is flattering your thin waist, the one that creates a smooth line of your body.

Don’t choose jeans with too much stretch. The right jeans are those which have enough stretch so that your legs won’t look like they’re fighting their way of the jeans. Put on a couple of different sizes and the mirror will tell you the truth.

Try to hide the worst of your body and show the best. That’s the trick, if it’s hard for you, speak to friends and they’ll give you some advice about your best look.


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