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What Kills The Brain


Neal Barnard- a famous American dietetics claim that foods, which contain high protein levels may kill your brain. Up to now you`ve always thought that milk, meat and eggs are ideal for your health, but is this actually true?

In his book, the dietician says that exactly milk, meat and fats lead to Alzheimer disease. According to him, there are certain foods, which kill our brain and those are the ones stated below, together with sugar and alcohol.

The reason for this are the deposits, which these foods form in the brain and in other parts of the body. They destroy the cells and lead to dangerous diseases, especially such, affecting our cognitive abilities.

Weak memory is not a problem we should dismiss at any age. Usually it is a signal for a health issue – it could be too much stress, but it could be the first sign of sclerosis.

Other substances, which kill our brain, according to Neal Barnard are aluminum ( the body does not need it at all), as well as zinc, iron, and copper , when over 1mg per day.

The dietician advises us to be more careful with our food and to focus on nuts, fruit, vegetables and bean plants, as they could protect us from Alzheimer disease.



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