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What is Bodyism?


It’s the fat-burning workout A-listers love. Here’s how you can jump on the Bodyism bandwagon and get back in to that dress!


Rosie Huntington-Whitelet, Elle MacPherson and Mollie King all worship at the temple of Australian PT!

James Duigan. With a client list like that, it’s no wonder his fitness philosophy has become one of the most popular in the world.

His holistic approach to health is simple: eat a nutrition-packed diet with no calorie counting and lead an active lifestyle incorporating simple, core exercises.

Not particularly groundbreaking, so what is it that makes his philosophy so popular?

James promises clients a lithe, lean figure in as little as 14 days, depending on which of his fat-burning plans you follow. He calls it Bodyism.

Bodyism is a fitness method, famous for creating long, lean bodies,” says one of his team members Nathalie Bomgren.

James’s diet tips and simple exercise moves are starting to reach cult status, often trending on Twitter. And anyone who has a consultation with James, usually at his London HQ in Knightsbridge’s Bulgari Hotel, has the same goal, says Nathalie.

Almost every woman who comes to us, famous or not, wants to lose a little bit of fat, lift their bum, shape their waist and flatten their tummy – they don’t want a six pack or to look muscly.

They want to look effortlessly trim.”

But you don’t have to be a supermodel to train the Bodyism way. “While Elle MacPherson is a great role model, it’s not realistic to aim for her figure if you’re 5’4”, but it is possible to make the best out of the body you have. And it all starts with the workout.

Most of the moves we use are focused on body weight and each circuit only lasts about 15 minutes, so you can do them at home,” explains Nathalie. “Our approach means it fits effortlessly into your life and you never have an excuse to skip a session.”

So, even if you can’t book in for a one-on-one with James, you can buy into the Bodyism blueprint through his Clean and Lean cookbooks and nutritional supplements. But it’s the workout that gets most results.

This six move circuit exclusively developed for us by his crack team of experts at Bodyism, and demonstrated by Bodyism’s Tegan Haining focuses on burning fat FAST by targeting all your key muscles and lengthening the appearance of your limbs.

Do this work out four times a week and you’ll see a measurable difference in just two weeks,” says Nathalie.

You can expect to lose around 4lb, lift your bottom and shrink your waist, but the biggest improvement will be to your posture – think slimmer, taller, more statuesque – the trademark Bodyism look everyone’s talking about.”

Get the 15-minute Bodyism workout online and get back in to that dress!





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