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What does lipstick tell about female character?


The choice of a new lipstick can be a fun, but what color speaks to the nature of the woman?
Research on brand cosmetics shows that people make instant judgment about the woman on the color of her lipstick.
Over 80% of women who participated in the survey said they considered women with bright red for sure , and nearly 60% indicated that they believe these ladies for friendly. However, less than 6 percent of women are willing to ignore the rules and choose a bright color for a job interview.

” Red has the ability to attract and engage people ‘s attention , so that can help you to find you an interview or a new social environment. But red can mean intense competition and if worn against the black clothes would be perceived as aggression. When combined correctly , bright colors such as red express openness and friendliness , “says psychologist Angela Wright.
Over a third of respondents said a lady said they would choose a bright lipstick for a first date .

“As a psychological primary color red is a physical stimulation , accelerates heart rate and physical energy .
• 85% of women surveyed said they considered the ladies who prefer paler tones shy .
• Over 60% , however, admitted that they would wear pale colors at a job interview , the first day of the job and the first meeting with the family of the partner.
• Over 70% of respondents said they considered women wearing lipstick in darker shades unfriendly .
• Only 22% of women admitted that they wear dark lipsticks .
• 25% of participants in the survey , however, said they would wear dark colors for the Christmas party at work.
is the only color lipstick that woman must have , most women chose red in body color.


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