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Weird and wonderful houses


We all dream to live in a big mansion with a great big drive way and acres of green gardens, right?

What about weird homes?

Would you live in one of these?

We take a look at the world’s weirdest (and wonderful) homes by very inventive architects. 

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Wouldn’t be great if your scared of heights!

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How do they go get milk from the supermarket?!

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This women took her shoe obsession far to far!

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Adding a spash of color to the neighbourhood!

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They obviously wanted to turn their world upside down!

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Space transportation?

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No more beer for the architect in the afternoon!

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I guess we are starting to run out of free pieces of land!

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Keeping things ‘positive!’

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This is actually the thinest home in the world!

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Dont know about you but that looks like a dream to me!


 images (7) (1)

Wow! Yes please!

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Talk about living on top of each other!

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Taking the love for your pet, far too far!

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You get a free lighthouse with this one!


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