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Ways To Rock Your Hair With A Scarf


The scarf is incredible. It can has so many different applications that the main usage of the scarf, it’s truly amazing.

You can wear your scarf as a sarang, you can make it look like a skirt, like a shirt, you can wear it on your palm and even on your hair and use it as an accessoir. A silk scarf can jazz up any hairstyle or even disguise a bad one. It can actually be a savior during a bad hair day.

Headscarves are a summer staple for good reason – they amp up any type of outfit, tame your hair while riding with the top down or walking on a windy beach and protect your scalp from sun damage. You can tie your scarf in many way, how you wear it is up to you in the end!

You can fold the scard and wrap it around your forehead, tying it to the back of your head.

You can pull off a pirate look and stretch the scarf around your forehead. Afterwards you bring the ends of the scard around to the back of your head and tie off the scarf in a firm bow in the lower back of your head.

You can combine it with a side braid, using a short scarf. Simply fold it thinly and wrap it around your hairline. Tie it off where your braid begind and you’ve got your adorable look!

You can fold a large or small scarf longways, wrap the scarf around your neck and bring the ends up to the top of you head. Tie the ends into a bow at the top of your ead and tweak the scarf so it sits a bit to one of your sides.

You can fold the large scard in half and wrap it around the back of your head loosely. Brig the ends forward and tie them off at the hairline. Take the remaining ends and twist them tightly, bringing the twisted ends to the back of your head.





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