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Ways to Burn More Fat


Counting calories just by walking, counting the calories of the food you consume, counting the calories when you are exercising… We all do that at some point, be it to lose weight, reduce the fat in our system or to simply live a healthy life.

However, calories are not the only thing you should turn your attention to. Reving up your metabolism, increasing the muscle mass and avoiding the extra calories.

Under- and Overestimating

Underestimating how much you eat and overestimating how much you move is a fatal mistake. A very common mistake is the logic “I can eat that much, I have walked around the town for an hour.” This is wrong, because while walking you don’t burn that many calories. Well, unless you have been walking around for more than 5 hours. Calories are burnt mainly when you sweat. And do you know what you gotta do to sweat? Exercise!


Eat only and only when you are hungry. Do not put food in your mouth just because there is still some, or you’re finishing your kid’s lunch. Every bite averages about 25 calories. That’s not fatal when you do it once a week, but every day? You will gain a pound for a month.

Too Few Calories

Consuming less calories is a way to lose weight, but starvation is definitely not advisable and it is not a healthy decision. Starving yourself will only harm you and even if you starve for a month while losing weight, you will soon after regain the lost pounds.

Don’t do the same Workout

Doing the same workout everyday will soon become useless, because your body adapts to the workout and simply goes on autopilot when you start doing. Mixing your routine is the key ti losing weight and burning the fat.

Feeding your Emotions

No, girl, let go of the cake. I know you are sad, I know you are feeling emotionally unstable and you just want to drown all of your sorrow in food, but that will only harm you. Many people reach out for food when they are not feeling happy and satisfied, when there is a drop of sorrow in their life. That’s wrong. Instead, transform the sadness into anger and go boxing or try a new sport, where you can pour all of the negative energy in you.

No Pills!

Pills are not helping, alright? There are pills which can quicken your metabolism, but they are for people, who have an actual health problem. The diet pills and drinks are not magical, there is not a chance for them to magically help you lose weight as you simply sit around, don’t work out and eat.

Motivation and Reward

You know, when you set a goal, for example “I am going to lose five pounds this month”, it will be very helpful. However, you should try this – every time you lose a pound, put a dollar in a jar. When you have lose the needed weight and have acquired the wanted body, count the money in the jar and buy something which will look astonishing on you!



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