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Waxing – What We Should Know As Beginners


I’ll be surprised if there are beginners out there when we talk about waxing, because it has become a common procedure and also a service, offered at salons and spas. You can wax everything, start from the upper lip and finish at some places more hidden and intimate. This procedure is well known, long lasting and preferable for so many women, even men. But after all there are some things that we maybe have missed. That’s why I would treat you as beginners.

No matter how old are you and what gender are you – you can wax. It’s harmless. You’d better start at a young age when the hairs are thin and it will be less painful.

It’s better to wax, of course, if you are willing to wait a little bit for the hairs to reach the needed length for the removing. Waxing is better than shaving, because the hairs are removed from the roots, and the shaving just cuts them and in several hours you can see the tip of the hair again on your skin. There is another good reason for why you should wax – over time it thins the hairs and less of them grow back and if the hairs are thinner they come out less painfully.

You should also know some pre-waxing tricks for your skin. If you want to prevent the pain, take one or two Advil an hour before the waxing. You can do some exfoliating the day before the appointment and remember not to apply lotion the same day. And if you are about to work on your underarm waxing you should use deodorant without antiperspirant because it comes off easier.

If you are wondering how often to do it, I can’t help you. It’s individual. Mostly, people wait three to four weeks between the waxing.

It’s not a pleasant procedure, but it’s effective and in the name of Beauty we must take some pain. The good part is that the pain is there just at the moment of pulling the hairs out. After that everything is good and normal.

The pain is gone, but the area may remain a little sensitive. So, don’t use any scrub for the next 48 hours and also don’t expose it to direct sun for the next day.

After the area is feeling rested you should protect the pores from clogging and prevent ingrown hairs and bump. To do that when you take a shower, exfoliate the area. This way you will remove the dead skin and the area will be bump-free and clean.

The waxing great. I’m a huge fan and I just love the results after my appointment at the salon. So, don’t be shy and if you have some concerns you can always ask, you are not the first person to wax. Have fun!



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