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Water manicure with marble effect – the art on the nails with polish, stick and water


There is no rule stating that all the nails of your hands must be the same manicure. For summer, the more varied and colorful, the better. The colors create mood and evoke smiles. For your smile, we suggest you do a water marble manicure effect.

Required materials include: glass of water, nail polish in bright colors, at least 3 toothpicks, scotch tape, and scissors.

Step by step:

1. Cut 30 pieces of tape with a length of 3 cm. Glue them around the nail plate so that the nail polish does not stain the skin.

2. Place in the glass of water drops from the nail polish colours in the desired sequence. Drops lacquer dissolved in the water and form concentric circles.

3. Stir with a stick for collection, to mix colors and get the so called Marbling effect. The movement of water will do the rest.

4. Dip the nail, holding it in a horizontal position. Remove it from the water at a slight slope so that the drops flow freely back into the cup and the nail polish remains smooth.

5. After 10 minutes, when the nail polish is dry, peel off the pieces of tape. If the skin has nail on it, gently clean with a cotton ball soaked with nail polish remover.

6. Apply top coat for shine and color stability.

Easy and effective, don’t you think? Will you try it out, too?

Here are a few extra tips that we would like to give you in order to make your nails look even better!

Super trick for lasting nail polish effect

You think the secret to lasting manicure lies in not to clean and wash at home. And it’s true, but to be honest there is no woman who does not have to do all these things every day. However, there are some little secrets that if you follow, you will enjoy the beauty of your nails at least a few days longer. But most importantly, make sure that your nails are clean. Water, fat and dirt are the biggest enemy of your lovely manicure. Therefore, before attempting anything, make sure nails are well dried and dirt-free. For lasting manicure, the base plays an important role, as it smoothes the surface of the nail. Some nail polish bases contain nutrients and vitamins that will ensure that your nails are strengthen, and that remain that way for some time, after that re-apply the nail polish base. Apply base between each layer of nail polish that you put. This will cement your nail and it will last much longer than usual. If you see that your nail polish starts to peel, immediately apply a top coat. It will retain its stamina for at least other one or two days. Do not forget to moisturize your hands with cream twice a day.

There you have it! All you need to know about having a great and healthy manicure with some unique effect that will wow you and the others.


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