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Water and honey – The Elixir of Life


Water and honey are extremely healthy separately, but if you combine them, the cocktail we get has countless beneficial effects on the orgaism. Also the preparing is way too easier than making a breakfast. Just put a teaspoon full of honey in glass of room temperature water. The honey makes the water thick and increases its healthy actions. And that’s not all – this mixture can wake you up even faster than the cup of coffee. There is more, just keep reading:


Increases the metabolism

Drinking this cocktail every morning provides the body proper digestion. It also improves the function of all parts of the gastrointestinal tract, which solves the problem of the so calles lazy bowels.


Enhances your immunity

Honey water protects you from colds and viruses. It also treats bronchitis and retrieve the jammed mucus in the lungs.


Purifies the body

This elixir cleanse the body of all levels – antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.


Normalize the functioning of the colon

Drinking honey water is a great way to restore the intestinal microflora and eliminates the intestinal dybiosis.


Helps you to control the urination

Honey is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs water. If you drink one glass of honey water before bed this will help your kidneys and your bladder to relieve the pressure at night.


Helps with heartburn

It normalizes the acidity in the stomach, which can be really helpful for people suffering from gastritis and heartburn.


Deals with bad breath

If you suffer from bad breath and nothing helps against it, probably you hadn’t tried honey water. The components of honey successfully fight the bacteria that causes the bad breath.


Smooth skin

You can apply the honey water on your face with cotton ball. Your skin will become soft and velvety.


The best feature of the honey water is that it can’t give you any harm, it only helps you to be healthy and beautiful.


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