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WATCH: New Way of Shopping – Amazon Will Deliver Your Products Using Drones!


OK, this is how it is. The other day the Guardian and the Daily Mail published two slightly horrific stories about how Amazon (the world’s largest online business) treats its staff.

Imagine waking up at 4:30 am four days a week and spending approximately 50 hours a week picking and packing Amazon goods. This means having to sieve through rows and rows of STUFF – stuff which amounts to something like 155,000 things a 24-hr day – and doing so by using a complex system of letter and number codes – whilst at the same time dealing with One Direction bracelets and other stupid things like dog onesies.

And now imagine a proven track record of paying your employees the minimum wage while at the same time pushing the limits of the EU working time directive and feeling free to sack anyone who may happen to take three sick breaks in any three month period. It’s pretty bad – but it’s also the future.

As we can all imagine, Amazon is huge during Christmas time. Last year it took about 3.5 million orders on a single day. And so what the company does is hire even more people to go through every individual item for it to then go through the massive storage area from shelf to package to home. And all of this is done with the help of a GPS system which employees use to help them not get lost in the huge warehouses.

The truth is, Amazon is growing. These past two weeks Amazon has taken on an extra 15,000 agency staff in Britain and plans to double the number of warehouses in the UK alone within the next three years. It is essentially becoming one of the most powerful multinational corporations on the planet.

But Amazon are also planning on taking their service to a completely different level by planning to bring in a number of special unmanned drones to deliver goods to houses – and that is why Amazon is the future of shopping.

Check out the video below to see what we mean.









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