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Want Kate Middleton’s Hair style and color? That will be $984, please!



FINALLY! Now we know the secret to having long, beautiful, shiny locks just like our favorite Duchess, Kate Middleton…. A lengthy six hour visit to the hair salon and forking out a hefty $984!

Kate has adapted to the more exquisite things in life so it’s not really that shocking that she didn’t mind to pay out just under $1000 for her recent visit to the salon for a new haircut and color.

The Duchess of Cambridge allegedly spent a whopping 6 hours at the Rossano Ferretti’s Beauty Spa (the same salon that Kate’s late mother in law, Princess Diana, also trusted and visited often) for his technique of cutting hair and use of custom made texturing scissors to achieve the finest results.

We would like to know how many hair stylists Kate has!

We know that James Pryce was Kate’s frequent stylist since he cut her hair on her North American Tour and then stylist, Richard Ward.

Now we hear reports of a stylist named Rossano Ferretti who confirmed giving Kate a $984 haircut.

Kate was first spotted going in to Rossano Ferrettis Beauty Spa (which is also visited by Carol Middleton, Pippa Middleton and some members of the Saudi Arabia Royal Family) when she was pregnant with Prince George.

Kate goes in to Crisis mode!

Reports state that the haircut was made after the duchess went in to crisis mode when she noticed a few gray hairs at an engagement last month.

An insider told Royal Watch: “Kate checked in to the salon for a well-deserved pampering session. When she emerged she looked amazing, her hair was loose and looked fabulous.”

Kate went for a darker brown hair color on her trip to the salon.

A better close up look at the new $984 hair make over was seen on Thursday night when Kate and her husband, William took to the glitzy red carpet for the premiere of “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”.

Although, we must love Kate, she proved that you don’t have to spend a million dollars to look like a million dollars; she appeared at the premiere with a dress that was previously in her closet and a necklace from Sara which cost less than $36!

Now that the curls and color are restored, we can expect Kate to look fabulous wherever she goes.

Want Kate Middleton Hair?

OK we admit it helps to be genetically blessed with thick, shiny, long hair but there’s at least one trick that everyone can use to copy Kate’s look.

We like to call it the round-brush twist and it’s really not that hard to master once you practice it a few times and certainly does not cost you $984!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Using a medium-sized, boar-bristle round brush blow out your hair as usual, until it’s about 80 percent dry.
  1. Then start rolling sections onto the brush and then flipping it vertical towards your head.
  1. Hold each section that way and blast with heat from the dryer for several seconds, and then pull the brush straight down until the hair slides up and off.
  1. What will happen is that you’ll get bouncy bend in your ends, just like Kate – sort of part all ringlets – instead of the curled under or out effect you usually get when rolling hair onto a round brush horizontally.

And that’s that! You’ve got Kate Middleton Hair





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