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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Tom Daley Has Something to Say


Nineteen-year old Olympian and Splash! television personality Tom Daley bravely  revealed he is dating a man today in a YouTube video that has gone viral.=

Needless to say, the media has gone into a frenzy but you have to give the young diver a bit of respect.

Young people around the world are in a constant struggle with their sexuality and ‘coming out’ can be extremely difficult, especially if done in the eyes of the public.

That’s why many (especially) gay medias think this is a good thing. The world needs more visible LGBT personalities who can act like role models – especially in the world of sports where being gay is a total taboo.

Although he says he has been dating girls for a while he says he has never really had a serious relationship. This spring however, Daley met someone who just so happens to be a fellow.

He adds: “Of course I still fancy girls… But, right now, I’m dating a guy and I couldn’t be happier…. It really just does feel right.”

Daley says the reason for his 5-minute plus online confession was simply because he wanted to put an end to all the rumours and speculation – and just basically get it out there.

He asks for support and says he’s still the same ‘Tom’ and that he still wants to win Olympic gold medals for Great Britain come 2016. We say Go Tom and Go GB! We wish you all the best.

But it’s not just us, celebrities such as Russell Brand, Kylie Mongue and David Williams tweeted in support of the diver while Daley admitted some family members disapproved whereas others did not.








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