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Victoria’s Secret Eye Makeup – TUTORIAL



Every woman either admire or envy the Victoria`s Secret angels, because they do look gorgeous. Although not anyone can have such a perfect body and a beautiful face, their makeup is not so-difficult to get. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use the shades and colours and look like a real angel.

Apply a nude shade of eye shadow or powder onto the lids. This will work as a base for the make up – the colours will look brighter and last for longer. then use a black eyeliner and draw a thin line on the upper eye lid.

Use brown eye shadow  and cover the full eye lid. Keep in mind that the shade should be most intense near the eye lashes and then lighter upwards.

Use a shade a little bit darker than your complexion and cover the area below the eye brows. Slightly cover the eyelid, too.

Use a thin brush to apply brown eye shadow below the lower eyelashes.

To make the perfect finish apply golden eye shadow. Apply a large amount of eye shadow near the nose and less on the sides – create a fading effect.

When you are ready draw a thin black line onto the upper eye lid, apply mascara and enjoy your sparkling look.



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