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Varicose Veins


It’s a well known fact that the varicose problem is bodering younger and younger people and it’s no more a nasty state only for elderly people. Often varicose veins could be seen around the knee, but not only there. Examples for that are esophagus varicose and hemorrhoids one.

There are several reasons for varicose veins:

  • lifestyle
  • overweight
  • staying on foot for too long
  • wrong habits of sitting
  • wrong clothes

Pregnant women and those above 50 years old are at bigger risk when it comes to varicose vains, but as I told you earlier this borderline is getting lower and it’s blurring. Maybe the reasons for this changing borderline are the different habits of the human population.

These facts are causing the produce of different cosmetic and madicaments that are expensive and not effective. But if you make some changes of your lifestyle maybe you’ll escape from varicose veins:


  • Don’t sit with crossed feet.
  • If you have some extra subcutaneous fat you should try to get rid of them. Try some comfortable for you diet.
  • Stimulate the blood circulation by doing some exersises. This will also help you to lose some weight if you want to do so.
  • Try not to stay too long stand or too long sitting down. Try to change your posture every 30 minutes
  • Don’t wear too tight clothes at the area of the waist.
  • Hold your legs high when you have the opportunity. It will also calm the presure at you back.

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