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Using Body Language for Firguring out the First Date?!


 The man sends us quite the perplexed sign, have you ever wished to be able to deschiffer them? Well, the body language usually screams them right in your face, you just have to be just a tad more observing.

Raising his Eyebrows

Why speaking when you can be expressive with just your eyebrows? They speak a lot, when he lifts them he might be thinking that you have either said something cute or have done something adorable, and yet he is trying to keep his cool. That’s like an universal sign which means he fancies you.

Licking his Lips

When we lick our lips it’s a sign that we see something we desire. So basically, when a guy licks his lips on the first day it means he thinks you’re so cute he wants to eat you up? Maybe we are waiting for the dessert in this restaurant date! A well known sign that he is into you.

Rocking back and forth

Let’s see, you are in a restaurant and your date starts rocking back and forth, mimicing the motions in the mother’s womb. What, you are asking for the check and leaving this place as soon as possible? Not so fast. Try to think if you have done something to make him start doing that, because that is actually a sign of being nervous. However, this is not the only reason. Plenty of people do that when they’ve had one too many drinks.

Fixing your Hair

What do you when someone form the opposite sex does that to you? Did you know that this was actually a test? If you smile at him, you show him your appreciation. This action is also very intimate and shows the person that he or she wishes for something more than sex, emotionally deeper. He wants to touch you and get closer to you and only needs a decent reason to do so.


Is he fidgeting in his seat, unable to stay in one place? Well, how should I say it, he might be hiding something. That’s what men usually do when they get sexually excited and trying to hide the future tent in their lower region. It can, however, mean something else as well – perhaps he might be feeling uncomfortable or nervous. He might either wish to end the conversation or leave the situation. This is why you should pay attention to all of the body language cues.

Talking with his Hands

The more gesture he does the more he shows you that he likes you. That’s common for everyone to do, because we are all usually very reserved when we speak to someone we do not fancy. Men who use a lot of hand gestures are usually very good with words and communication in general. That, can also backdoor his actions and make him look as if he has trouble with his verbal expression. He might want to tell you he likes you, but cannot figure out how to do it.

Sitting with his legs Apart

Or commonly called the crotch display, this can be used as an attempt to turn you on. Perhaps he’s giving you a sneak peak of what he might think is his best ‘possession‘. But watch out, even if that means he is affected towards you, that does not mean that this can be a long lasting relationship.

Stretching out his Hand

This is a great way for him to show you his appreciation and want for closure. How can you grant the permission? You can just touch his hand briefly, they are waiting for it anyway. Whenever he reaches towards you with his palm up it means he is passing on the torch to you and you can lead. What happens when his palm is down, you ask? He feels in control of what is going on. You can tell a lot about the long-term relationships just by looking at how the couple is holding hands.

Kissing your Forehead

Well, that means deep affection and respect. It might be very spontaneous and his body can sometimes do it by itself, just giving you the closure you need. He shows you that you mean a lot to him and that he cares about you, but he might just see you as a friend. Also, it might mean he fancies you but does not have the guts to aim lower – at your lips.


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