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Use Make-Up to look younger


What if I told you that using some simple products and application styles, you could look a whole lot younger?!

We have some great secrets to share with you that could help you to look 5 (sometimes 10 years) younger, yes honestly!!

1. Concealer

Using concealer on under eye dark spots and any other problem area, can literally take years off your appearence but opt for a concealer that does what it should do.

I recommend Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent, I know its a little expensive but it really does work and lasts due to having to use a small amount each time.

2. Keep eyebrows a little thick

Eyebrows tend to thin out a lot as you get older, use a brow pencil to give the appearence of slightly thicker eyebrows, this will automatically takes years off.

3. Keep your eyes open

If you feel your eyelids have a slightly closed up appearence, make them appear more open with 1) An eyelash curler and 2) a white eyeliner. Using both will help dramatically open up your eyes.


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