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Unusual Weight-Loss Tip


There are many ways to lose weight, many healthy ways. Many people lean on taking weight-loss pills, which are never working, or at least they will not work if you only and only take the pills and wait for your kilograms to miraculously start moving down. This is not working, and you know it.

There are a few very weird tricks on losing weight and, of course, I will share with you some of them!

1. Smelling peppermint on the regular may help lower the hunger levels and calorie intake.

2. The red plates help you eat less. It’s weird, I know, but it has an explanation. The color red is usually very irritating and saddening to the eye, because you mentally connect it with red objects and words, such as blood, anger, etc.

3. You have already read that the chocolate is actually a very healthy food, especially for the women. Well, eating it is associated with lower level of abdominal fat. Ha!

4. The temperature in the room actually has an effect on your weight. If you sleep in a bit colder room at night, it may give your weight-loss efforts a boost.

5. Stick a picture of a low-cal grud. Yes, a picture. It can really help you lose weight. It’s weird, but it boost your diet and motivates you.

6. Somehow studies show us that if we keep our desks clean and not let our workspace be messy, we are going to be more likely to choose a healthy snack.

7. When going to a restaurant, sit in the right spot. Try taking a seat at the end of the table. Why? Because the center seats are where the bread, chips and other sharing plates usually wind up.

8. Watch less TV. The average adult spends about five hours in front of the TV. This is a time that should be spended healthy – just by walking around at home you lose calories!

9. Take a smaller plate. If you take a bigger one, you will put more food in it, food that you actually don’t need and will only eat because it is there.

10. Eating spicy food is actually a good weight-loss tip. You eat fewer calories after your spicy meal, compared to other people who decided to say no to the spicy.

11. Drink wine. Yeah, wine works good against the midnight hunger you might sometimes get. No need to visit the fridge at the middle of the night for a snack. Try it, you can also try it before you have dinner. The wine makes you feel fuller and you eat less.


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