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Unusual Purple Lips


Let`s face it – this is definitely not your office makeup, however it does look amazing.

It is ideal for parties or any other themed occasions, so save it and use it when appropriate – you`ll not regret it even for a second. This is a unique purple lip makeup, with ombre effect, for which you will need white and dark purple lipstick.

First, you will need to paint half of your upper and lower lip in white and the other half in purple.

Then open and close your lips, in order to blend the colors gently. Use a clean brush to take away purple from the tense area and bring it to the white area, until you get the result shown on the picture below.

Then blend gently, to remove any color borders and finish up with white pencil. The final result should be just like the one on the picture.

You can clean the area around the lips, using a q0tip if necessary. Enjoy.

purple ombre lips



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  3. actually in beauty school they teach u that if a persons lip is to small u can inhanse it with makeing the lipstick go a little more out and that’s how you also do it to make the v in ur lips in the right spot if it’s off center which most women’s are
    Your welcome

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