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Unbelievably Gorgeous Lips


Have you ever wondered how come some women have fabulous lips and your lipstick never works this way? Well, we have the answer. At Beautifulshoes.org we know that fabulous lips are a must for any perfect makeup and we have always favored the idea of sharing our tips and trick, when it comes to makeup art.

We have shown so many ways of applying lipstick perfectly, so one more will not hurt. Most of all – you just need to be precise and follow the steps.

Always start with well-exfoliated and moisturizes lips. Apply lip balm as a first layer. Then apply a few little foundation spots around the lips. Carefully blend them, in order to blur the line separating your lips from the rest of the face. Use a brush to make the color even and line your lips with a lip liner, starting with the upper lip.

Leave the corners for the end, because this will allow you to shape them better. After that, apply your favorite lipstick. One more layer would be required, but you need to apply it with a little brush, as this will make it more precise.

Using a q-tip clean the area around the lips, to make them clearly pop and look gorgeous. You may want to apply lip gloss or lip balm, if you need some more glam, but in any case, you`ll look amazing! Enjoy!



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