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Ukrainian Real-Life Barbie Turns into Johnny Depp


Another real-life Barbie Scandalises with Shocking Transformations

You are probably well-aware of the latest “insane” fashion trends, which began in Ukraine – the so-called Barbie-trend, started by Valeria Lukyanova, followed by Olga Oleinik and the real-life Ken – Justin Jedlica from New York

The next victim of the Barbie-culture is Anastasiya Shpagina from Ukraine. However, she differentiates from the rest real-life Barbies with her astonishing makeup and hair-styling abilities. The young Ukrainian girl has a personal blog, where she shows step by step tutorials for celebrity look-alike makeup.

Anastasiya `s greatest transformations include celebrities such as Lana del Rey and even.., Johnny Depp.





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