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Types of Skirts, Designs and Styles


There are different types of skirts when it comes to style, design, and color scheme. Some skirts are full while others look wide and narrow. Retailers offer different designs, including pencil, tiered or Gypsy, mermaid, A-line, micro mini, and miniskirts. Pleated, maxi, and bustle skirts are other varieties. You can choose from wrap, circle, sarong, and poodle skirts. A jeans skirt is also a good choice, made from denim or jeans. This is a casual type of skirt, and some models go with pockets, embroidery, rhinestones, and other accents. Other varieties are the flared, bubble, broomstick, and trouser skirt.

Trouser skirts come with belt loops and fly fronts, and they are flared or fitted. Tutu is a special type of skirt that is used in ballet. Combo skirts are up-cycled or repurposed and are made from different materials, for example, ruffles, jeans, and others. The high waisted skirt is another variety which comes with a high or little waistline. The flared skirt is also called eight gores, six gores, and four gores, and goes with a wide bottom. The broomstick features vertical wrinkles and is a casual type. There are also asymmetrical skirts that go with different lengths. This is a great choice for an evening wear. A skirt with gussets or a grommeted skirt is one type that features vertical panels and is designed for dancing. А gathered skirt is a simple type which is gathered at the waist. Other basic types include the bobble, circle, pleated, bell-shaped, full, and straight skirt.

Wraparound skirts come in two basic types – kilt-skirt and sarong. There are also ballerina, scooter, skater, rah-rah, T-skirt, prairie, tiered, and leather skirts. Other varieties are the dirndl and cargo skirts. Schoolgirl skirts are also popular. This is a short type of skirt. Fishtail skirts go with flares, billows, and a slim waist. The peasant skirt is yet another type that is three quarter length, wide, and billowing.

When it comes to choosing the right type of skirt, look at your body. There are different body types – long waist, flat bottom, bottom-heavy figure, boy-like figure, curvy figure, short waist, and others. Other body types include thick ankles, large thighs, long legs, short legs, and larger stomach. Hem length is also an important consideration. Look at different skirt types that fit your body shape. A trumpet skirt, for example, is a great pick if you are slim or have a pear shape. A high-waisted flouncy skirt is a good pick for women with an apple shape, i.e. slim lower body. Choose a skirt that creates structure, for example, pleated skirt. Women with a banana shape look great in beaded skirts and miniskirts. A skirt with an uneven hem is also a great choice. There are great skirts for the hourglass body shape as well. Lace and pencil skirts work well, making the waist look thinner. Go for a midi or A-line skirt if you are a pear.


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