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Types of Cellulite and How to Deal With Them


Cellulite is one of the biggest problems a woman can have with her looks. It lowers our self-esteem and stops us from wearing so many types of clothes (and I’m not talking about extra short skirts and shorts), including bathing suits in the summer. Most of all – we don’t feel sexy. And feeling sexy is one of the most important things for a woman because when we feel this way we are more confident, happy and we work more productively. So, what can we do to battle the “orange skin”?

First, start eating healthier and get rid of all the junk food that you add to your daily diet.

There are several types of cellulite:

“Watery cellulite” – this type is caused by water retainment. You will recognize it from the direction of movement – it starts from the hands, continues to the ankles, calves, thighes. It’s most common with skinnier figures and a symptom is the feeling of weight in the legs. You can easily get rid of it if you stop consuming dairy products and salt and start taking more vitamins C and E.

Cellulite, caused by fat – this type of cellulite is caused by consuming too much fat. It spreads all over the butt, thighes and hips. It’s main victim are curvy women and those with inconstant weight. To get rid of it, consume a lot of eggs, fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken meat and dairy products.

Cellulite, caused by carbohydrates – you can get this type of cellulite if you eat too much sweet and paste products. The areas that it spreads are the abdomen and the thighes. The bad thing about this type is that it is hereditary. Still, you can battle it by reducing the consumation of fruit juices, potatoes and corn. Stop eating carbohydrates after 18:00.

If your skin starts feeling loose in winter, you can choose from a variaty of beauty products that will help you to tighten it a little. Another thing you can do is to buy an anti-cellulite gel that will stop the fatty cells from increasing and stimulate fat burning.

For those of you who work a lot, trapped in a office space, I advice you to get up and move around at least once every hour. Take a walk, do stretchings. When the work time is over, put your feet up high for at least 5 minutes for better blood circulation. When you go home, make a DIY anti-cellulite clay mask. Clay is famous for being one of the most common ingredients in beauty products.

If you like beautifying procedures, you can go to a professional for an anti-cellulite massage. One successful procedure includes 10-12 massages with 1 or 2 days between them. This masage speeds up the metabolism and helps the fatty cells to open up. For best results combine it with e diet.


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