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Tricks And Effects When Using An Eyeliner


Yep, you already know it. The eyeliner is one of the most beautiful products and gives us a tasteful and exquisite look. You can take advantage of these new tips so you can look even more magnificent!

Firstly, I will remind you that you must never forget to wipe off your eyeliner in the evening before going to bed so you will  not have to deal with inflammations and irritations of your eyes. Even if you are extremely tired and wish to drop dead on your bed! You can even use your wet alcohol free napkins!

Purple Eyeliner for Blue Eyes

This is a neat trick, which will make your blue eyes stand out amazingly, no matter what you are wearing. The purple eyeliner might not be as new as you think in the fashion industry, but it’s definitely trending like a flame for the last couple of months. Combined with pink or brown eyeshadows will give you a killer look!

Bigger Eyes

For the ladies with smaller eyes the optical tricks for making them bigger are the key to success. Apply the eyeliner from the middle of your upper lid to the outer side of it, but do not make a wing. Afterwards apply eyeliner on your lower lid as well and connect it with the upper one.

Choose a Matching Pencil

For your daily look it is better to use a mechanic pencil, because they are drier and prevent your makeup from smudging throughout the day. This is something you must decide by yourself, depending on how much time you will be staying with your makeup on.

Cat Eye

This is the classic wow effect of the eyeliner and it’s definitely not a trick of the eyes. No woman can resist this type of eyeliner, and it’s rather different for every one of us to draw when it comes to technique and final product.

Thicker Eyeliner

The thicker eyeliner is definitely not something that will look good on everyone, but if it does, it deinitely stands out a lot and accents on your magnificent eyes! The best type of eyeliner for such a type is the gel one, but you can acquire this look with liquid and pencil as well.

The “Drop-Eye”

It’s easy! Outline your upper eyelid and lower lid, but make sure that it reaches only the middle of your lower one. Afterwards connect them and voila! Along with a light shadows and mascara you will look amazing.


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