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Trench Coats Are Trending Again


As we should all know by now, autumn is coming, and our wardrobe is changing.

Sadly, we have to say goodbye to the tank tops for a while and meet the slightly thicker pieces of clothing, which will keep you warm. Another particle that will be needed is the trench coat. You have different styles of coats, you can wear it for many occasions depending on your outfit underneath. It can look elegat, it can look classy, but it can also be sporty.

When you try to tackle the latest trends, you will see that it participates in many combinations. The trench coat will always be relevant and fashionable, no matter which year it is. You will never make a mistake in buying two different types of coats, too! I would advise you for them to be in different colors – one in a more neutral color such as black, white or beige, and another one which will need a careful combination of your outfit, with more engaging colors, such as red, blue, etc.

Also, take in the fact that it will be good to have both a longer and a shorter coat. It might look sexy for your boyfriend when you wear a coat, longe than your skirt, but when you walk around the streets like that it looks suspicious and people will start giving you strange and questioning looks. With or without buttons, with or without a collar, even in different color combinations, like red and black, black and white, you see where I am going?

I find it entertaining to go on a trench coat shopping spree, because I see many kinds of models and different ways to wear it. Below you will see some of them!


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