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Tori Spelling finishes $60 Million Lawsuit


Tori Spelling has finally finished a $60 Million (yes Million!!) lawsuit which was put up against her.

It all began when three producers claimed that Tori had taken their idea and made sTORIbook Weddings as her own.

The three producers in question claimed that they came up with the idea to make a long lasting memory for Tori and her now husband, Dean McDermott, to air on TV, whilst also acting like wedding planners to create the wedding of the two’s dreams.

Two years later, the three producers, Denny O’Neil Jr.,Jake P. Hall, Charles W. Malcolm, filed a whopping $60 million legal case against Tori Spelling, stating it was far too similiar to their idea original ideaWedding Rescue.

It has been recently reported that Tori and Dean are shopping at discount stores ‘to save money’.

Well to settle a massive amount of money in one lawsuit, says only one thing, that the producers claims were indeed true.

Wont be doing that again now Tori, will we?!


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