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Top Fashion Photographers


Everyone can look absolutely perfect with the right make-up, hair stylist and personal fashion guru but there is one person missing from this puzzle….

The photographer.

Believe me these folks can make you look amazing even if your having a bad hair day!

Let me introduce to you the worlds current best photographers and what they can do (they deserve some credit after all!)

Lets meet the top 3 current fashion photographers at the moment:

1.Javier Vallhinrat uses color and light in amazing ways.

He captures the moment in unbelievable ways and makes timeless pieces.

Work example:

download (1) (8)

download (2) (9)

2.Glen Luchford, yet another very strong and enthusiastic photographer.

His choice of models is always flawless.

Work example:

download (3) (8)

download (4) (8)

3.Solve Sundsbo, this man is amazing.

Every movement and emotions are infused with the garments.

Work example:

images (1) (10)



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